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Relaxing accommodation at Sagecliffe Spa Resort in Washington state

Our ‘Pet Friendly’ resort accommodations are the Cavern Rooms and Yurts.


A spectacular private suite that overlooks the Columbia River. Enjoy the views from your private arbor-covered terrace with your friends or family.

Cavern Rooms

Enjoy this spectacular spacious hotel room overlooking the Columbia River and be greeted by the “cave-like” entrance made from basalt rocks.

Desert Yurts

Immerse yourself in nature as you enjoy a very unique experience in one of our luxurious Desert Yurts. The yurts offer a complete getaway experience with no television or telephone.

Sagecliffe Ridge Condos

We are proud to present our Sagecliffe Ridge Condos under the Property management of Sagecliffe Resort.

Lake Homes

Relax in the spacious accommodations and enjoy the view.

Sagecliffe Resort & Spa has a variety of hotel accommodations to choose from that all offer an extraordinary experience.

For breath-taking views of the Columbia River, escape to one of our private Cliffehouses. Or if you’re looking for the ultimate combination of rugged luxury, immerse yourself into the basalt rock and stay in one of our Cavern rooms. On the other hand, if you’re longing to get back to nature and become one with the spectacular scenery around the Sagecliffe Resort, then your ideal stay will be in one of our hedonistic Desert Yurts made by Rainier Outdoors. 

If you’ll be bringing your furry family members with you, there are plenty of options for pet-friendly accommodation at Sagecliffe Hotel Resort. Although our Cliffehouses are not suitable for pet stays, your furry friends are more than welcome in our Cavern Rooms and Desert Yurts. Some of our Condos are also pet-friendly, but please contact us for availability before booking your stay so we can make sure we have a suitable one arranged for you.

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