Walking Activities near Sagecliffe Resort


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While at Sagecliffe Resort & Spa, guests will be able to take advantage of many activities available on or near our property.

Resort Activities:

NEW Pickleball & Tennis Courts

With over 4.2 million players in the USA, Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country. We’ve built new pickleball and tennis courts for guests and locals to enjoy. If you’d like to use it, please speak to front desk.

Contact our team for more details on activities for your group during your stay.

Frenchman Coulee Wildlife Area

For a short trail, surrounded by towering rock formations, look no further than the Frenchman  Coulee Wildlife Area. Here you can take in the wonders of the columnar basalt and seasonal waterfall. If you’re visiting in spring, a variety of blossoms will accompany you the entire length of the trail.

Grand Coulee Dam

If history is what you’re after, you’ll find nothing more spectacular than the Grand Coulee Dam. This Dam impounds a reservoir called the Franklin D Roosevelt Lake, named after the president who authorized its construction in 1933. This spectacular structure is the largest dam in the Columbia River Basin and also one of the most sizable in the world.

Ancient Lakes

If hiking and breathtaking views are your thing, the Ancient Lakes of the Columbia Valley should be top of your bucket list. The vast terrain ranges from awe-inspiring river gorges to undulating hills formed by Ice Age floods and ancient volcanos and is unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Mountain Bike & Hiking Trails

Download the App from Trailforks to view the maps for Washington, labeled “Ancient Lakes” for Mountain Biking, Hiking and Trail Running in our Local area.

CaveB Estate Winery

Visit our neighbors for some local wine tasting.

Cave B Estate Winery is an award-winning boutique winery. ‘They make an impressive variety of wines as we grow a broad range of grape varieties. This is made possible, in large part, by the microclimates which exist in our distinctive cliff-side location, 900 feet above the Columbia River.

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