Ancient Lakes Theatre Festival – July 15-18, 22-25th.

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The Ancient Lakes Theatre Festival was established to celebrate live theatre combined with a love for the bounty of Washington State.

Set on the flood-carved cliffs of the Columbia River Basin, the festival takes place at Cave B Estate Winery. Guests of the festival are invited to sip wine while enjoying fine food and fellowship, taking in the evening’s performance at “Stage B.” This year, we are proud to present the world premiere of the musical “How Can I Love You.”

The one-act play “How Can I Love You,” offers an intimate portrait of struggle as three families experience their loved-one’s journey into dementia. Both heartbreaking and humorous, this contemporary musical takes us on an odyssey through memory loss—ultimately delivering love and acceptance to these families and friends. Brimming with beautiful pop songs, powerful dance, and uplifting music, this production is a wondrous work of love. As dusk settles in behind the performers, you’ll be enchanted by the sun setting on the memories of these characters, and become invested in the tales being told onstage. In time, the families come to appreciate that what they loved about their person is still there.

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