Published 25th April 2023 | Experiences

April Showers May Flowers Weekend

When the rainy month of April finally draws to a close, it gives way to May, where flowers bloom thanks to the last month’s dampness. This transition represents a period of discomfort or hardship, providing the basis for a period of happiness and joy.

The final weekend in April (29th & 30th) is when we’re hosting a collection of events to celebrate the end of the rain and enjoy the sights of spring.

Spring at Sagecliffe Resort

At Sagecliffe Resort, we’re surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape that changes dramatically throughout the seasons. From heavy snowfall in the winter to warm, dry summers and everything in between. Each one of these scenes is special, and we make sure that we appreciate their beauty to the fullest.

Spring is no exception, which is why we’re welcoming the transition to May with style. We’ll be hosting another Barre & Bubbles class with Kelly Conners Saunders, as well as having live music from Stevie Lynn and Zach Michaud.

Barre & Bubbles with Kelly Conners Saunders

Barre and Bubbles with Kelly Saunders Sagecliffe Resort this Spring

Barre is a full-body, muscle endurance workout that’s typically broken up to focus on each major muscle group. It’s specifically designed to engage muscles that you wouldn’t usually be able to target – the ones deep inside your body that squats, lunges and sit-ups don’t reach.

Using low-impact, high-intensity movements, it helps build strength and increases flexibility and endurance. It also helps you achieve better posture while being gentle on your joints. Best of all, it’s accessible for everyone; you definitely don’t need to be experienced or super fit to do it.

Barre and Bubbles Event with Kelly Conners Saunders April 2023

The class will take place out in the sunshine if the weather permits and will be run by Kelly Conners Saunders, Certified Barre Instructor. The start time will be 10am, where you’ll join the group with gentle stretches and a glass of Sagecliffe Wineries Blanc de Blancs*.

This is a ticketed class that needs to be booked in advance. To reserve your place for $25, visit:

In the meantime, stay updated with Kelly on Instagram @fitnesssaunders.

A whole weekend of events

As well as the Barre & Bubbles class, Stevie Lynne will be joining us for piano in the Lobby on Friday 28th April, and Zach Michaud will be performing on Saturday 29th at 8pm.

There will be spa specials for the weekend, and our Yurt Special for just $99 per night is valid when you book a spot on Barre & Bubbles, so you can stay at the resort for the whole weekend at a great price.

We hope to see you there!

*Only available to those over the age of 21

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