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Backstory: Vince Coluccio, Managing Director

To find out more information about Vince’s backstory and journey to buying SageCliffe Resort & Spa, read the article below that was published by Judy Nelson at PayDirt Magazine.

From Humble beginnings

At five years of age, Vince Coluccio realized his love of the Quincy Valley in Grant County. His family would visit during the summer months, traveling from Seattle to relax and enjoy the sunny weather which the upper Columbia Basin has to offer.

At age fourteen, he dreamed of being a farmer and working the land. Growing and baling hay on a 20-acre piece of land owned by his father near Kent was his initiation into farming, along with experience of a Christmas tree farm.

Later, following his dreams, he purchased parcels of land for mint farming, dry-land wheat, and running a few heads of cattle in the Quincy and surrounding area. He had help from established farmers, as he was still living in Seattle. He realized that to be a successful farmer, it took much more acreage and boots-on-the-ground time. Still, Vince’s determination to move to the Quincy area never wavered.

Through intrepid adventures

Through the years, Vince has worn many hats and has traveled the world with his professions. He worked in finance as a CPA for many years, gaining an understanding of investments. His list of accomplishments includes having visited and worked in 22 countries where he has seen and experienced more cultures than most people imagine, even residing in London, England from 2005 to 2007.

His grandfather originated from Italy, moving to America at age 14. Vince’s father was in construction and Vince worked with him for many years. During one of his trips to Europe, Vince reconnected with his cousins in Sicily, spending some sightseeing time there. He stated that the topography in that region of Italy is very similar to central Washington, realizing that what he loves here comes from his ancestry. During many of those vacations to the Columbia Basin, Vince and his family enjoyed time spent at Cave B Estates and Winery.

To a life-changing investment

In 2017, the Cave B Inn and Resort was for sale, sparking an interest in Vince that first entered his mind in 2007. The resort was once again up for sale in 2020. This time, Vince didn’t hesitate and jumped in with both feet, along with the help of his now fiancé, Rachel Moorehouse. To do this, he sold his farm ground and said good-bye to farming and hello to the hospitality industry.

Vince’s love for the basalt cliffs and the untapped region of central Washington from his dreams long ago has now become reality. Vince says of this area, “It rivals everywhere I have traveled – it’s so undiscovered.” The love of the land and life is what has brought Vince and Rachel to this point of their journey. With his new venture, Vince is learning more about the hospitality industry, while incorporating his experience in business. He states that “Nothing is better than hospitality!”. He looks forward to making it an enjoyable experience for all who visit.

Vince relishes working with people, from visitors to employees. His concept is to bring in previous employees, those who are already familiar with the character of the restaurant and accommodations of the location. The resort is newly remodelled and aptly named The Sagecliffe Resort and Spa. “It’s not just a room, it’s an experience”, says Vince.

He wants to guarantee that customers receive more than they are paying for. He has meetings each week with employees and listens to comments from them as well as his customers. He is looking at building programs to please those who visit his venue. He says he will “double down on the good reviews and fix the not-so-good”.

And a dream come true

Sagecliffe Resort & Spa was founded on the idea to unite humans and nature, nestled upon cliff sides overlooking the gorge and Columbia River. Currently, the restaurant and inn are in the process of being updated and remodelled. Additions of cliff houses and yurts for relaxing stays and spectacular views of the beautiful Columbia River and Colokum Wildlife Area are in the planning stages. Vince would like to add fifty homes for purchase as well. Other additions will include a second pool, cabanas, and larger patio space. As for the restaurant, his menu is changing with plans to use fresh produce available in Washington, concentrating on the produce from the Columbia Basin and surrounding areas. Rachel will also be working with the resort garden to bring it to its full potential. The menu is focused on a farm-to-table philosophy. Vince proudly states, “Everything here is Rachel’s idea”.

Here’s to the future

To add to his list of experiences and jobs, Vince recently received his Vintner’s License. He hopes to offer a variety of local wines. Looking into the future, he anticipates Sagecliffe Cellars, wine tasting events, a local grocery store, pizza parlor, full spa, two pools, an additional bar with outdoor seating available, and a destination-wedding venue.

At this time, fifty-five rooms and many activities are available to experience the amazing sage cliffs of Grant County’s Columbia River. Activities will include wine tasting, soul-soothing spa treatments, hiking, bicycling, observing wildlife, swimming, boating, golfing, lawn games, and of course, the Gorge Amphitheater concerts. Vince has been dreaming and working on these aspects of hospitality for many years. His fiancé, his mother, and his children are very excited to join him on this venture and help him succeed with his life-long dream.

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