Published 25th March 2022 | Collaborations

Champagne Training at Sagecliffe Resort

Last week, some of our team received a session of training on champagne and a private tour of the Woodinville Whiskey barrel house.

The day started in The Club Room, where the team were taught in detail about Moët and Veuve Clicquot champagnes.

We were really excited to learn more about the products and discover how to serve them in a way that provides the best possible experience for our guests at Sagecliffe Resort.

In the afternoon, we headed over to the Woodinville Whiskey for a full private tour. Here, we learned the history of Woodinville as well as the founders’ story. From there, our mentor Dave Pickerell walked us through the grain to glass Washington production.

LaKiya Johns, the National & Key Account Manager for Washington at Pacific Wine & Spirits, said of the day:

“This training and tour are very close to our hearts at MHUSA, and we are honored to be a part of the Sagecliffe community in Washington State.”

We’re incredibly grateful to have had this experience and will be sure to make use of all the knowledge passed on to us by Moët Hennessy USA (MHUSA), Woodinville, and Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS). We’re very much looking forward to putting everything we’ve learned into action – so let’s pop the champagne!

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