Published 20th April 2021 | Collaborations

This #EarthDay, we’re announcing our collaboration with JUST Water💧

JUST Water - Reducing Plastic Waste

Sagecliffe Resort and Spa was founded on the idea to unite humans and nature. We are nestled upon cliffsides, overlooking the gorge and Columbia River and we want to preserve these landmarks, as well as the rest of our amazing planet, for millennia to come. Because of this, we believe it’s incredibly important to make sustainable and environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to our offerings and facilities.

With this in mind, we are very proud to announce that we have teamed up with JUST Water to reduce plastic wastage at Sagecliffe Resort. With cartons available in the lobby and every room at Sagecliffe Resort, JUST Water is a better, more sustainable way to enjoy bottled water. 88% of every JUST carton is plant-based, with the paper coming from trees and the cap originating from sugarcane, meaning a significant decrease in carbon emissions compared to a standard plastic bottle.

That’s why we’re proud to be a part of the #JUST family.


“We’re honored to be teaming up with Sagecliffe and proud that, by including JUST, their guests’ experience will be both refreshing and kinder to the planet.” 

– Kara Rubin, VP of Brand at JUST

Reducing plastic bottles - 1 truck vs 13 trucks

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