Published 03rd February 2022 | Performing Artist Q&A

Q&A: Jessica Allossery

Sagecliffe Performing Artist Q & A

Jessica Allossery Performing

Jessica Allossery is one of our regular performers here at Sagecliffe Resort, and while she’s well-known for her musical talent, we’ve asked her a few questions to help you get to know her better personally too. From her early days spent on her family’s farm in southwestern Ontario, Canada, to her journey becoming a full-time musician, touring around North America, read on to learn more.

Tell us about your background (where are you from, when did you start performing, what inspired you to start writing music etc):

I spent my childhood on a small farm in south western Ontario, Canada. I am the youngest of 3 girls. Both my parents always worked really hard, and my sisters’ and I were expected to help out on the farm and pull our weight as much as we could. I spent my summers selling sweet corn and fresh veggies on a stand at the roadside every summer throughout elementary and high school. After that in 2007, I studied abroad in Brazil for one year, learned Portuguese, made tons of friends and fell in love with the rich culture, food and people that I met along the way. Then I came back home to Canada and studied filmmaking in London, Ontario.

In 2008 during my first year in college, I became inspired by watching videos of artists performing acoustic songs on YouTube. I started teaching myself guitar by watching tutorials on Youtube and eventually starting uploading my own cover songs on the platform.

I gained international attention with the help of my videos, especially from my cover of “The Scientist” by Coldplay which to date has almost 2.5 million views.

As years went by, I got better and better at playing guitar, started writing my own songs and performed at little coffee shops and open mic nights to get a taste of what performing was all about. I fell in love with the aspect of putting on shows to an audience that enjoyed listening to my songs and stories, and have never really stopped.

14 years later, I am a happy full time musician, touring around North America in my little vintage camper, performing house concerts, hotels, restaurants and bars, wherever the audience will have me!

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

The thing that makes me feel the most passionate is performing to an attentive audience full of music lovers who truly enjoy just sitting and listening to what I have to say. Singing and sharing stories gives me a voice and that’s where my creativity and sense of humour really comes out. I love sharing what I have to offer with the world, making people laugh, helping people to really FEEL things, feel their emotions and to feel my words deeply in their hearts.

Jessica Allossery Musician

Do you ever get performance anxiety?

I used to get performance anxiety ALL THE TIME! Especially in the first few years…. I wouldn’t even let my parents come to any of my shows because I was too embarrassed to show them who I was behind my guitar. As time went by though, I realized that all they wanted to do was show their support and love, and I finally let them into my artistic world.

I also came to a point where it was just so exhausting to be nervous all the time. My body was like “nope! Either you perform without nerves or you won’t perform at all!” — So naturally, I just had to choose to let go of the fear and do what I have been called in this world to do: To entertain.

Tell us about your proudest moment in your career as a musician.

So far I have two proudest moments. The first one is getting my first song on Sirius XM Radio the Coffeehouse station and also taking home the title of “best song 2016” on the station. 

The second proudest moment is finishing up my very first house concert tour in 2017. I had spent 4 long months on the road all by myself, setting up, performing and tearing down 30 shows, meeting so many incredible, helpful and generous people, and really feeling like this is where I belong, this is what I’m meant to do. It was so satisfying in my soul.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

My hobbies outside of music are hiking, travelling, listening to audio books, stretching/yoga, eating dessert (is this a hobby?! LOL), oh and I LOVE hot tubbing. Definitely my top favourite! 

Jessica Allossery at Sagecliffe Resort

What is your favourite thing about performing at Sagecliffe Resort?

Sagecliffe is such a special place. There’s something about it that just oozes peace, tranquility, community and a great feeling of creativity too. Every time I go to Sagecliffe, I come back home with several new written songs in my book! I just can’t get enough of the wisdom and energy of the canyons, vineyards, and the structures on the property. Everything is handled with such detail and care. 

So yeah, my favourite thing is just the vibe and atmosphere. The guests are incredibly welcoming too. I think because it’s a luxury resort, everyone is more at peace than normal…life just kind of slows down a little bit. That really helps make me feel welcomed and at ease for my performances there too, because I know everyone is just waiting eagerly to listen to my songs and stories.

What would be your biggest dream/accomplishment as an artist?

My biggest dream has always been to get on the Ellen Degeneres show. I just love her and the positivity and laughter hat she puts out into the world. We all need to smile a little more, and she helps us do that… And I want to do that too! So I always felt like I’d be a good fit on her show. 

What are you working on now?

I’m newly married and moved to Seattle just last year! So I’ve been writing LOTS of brand new songs about my experiences here, and I can’t wait to share them. I am really hoping to release a new album later in 2022, and hopefully get another tune on Sirius XM too 🙂

Read more about Jessica on her lifestyle blog:



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Jessica Allossery overlooking Columbia River Gorge

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