Published 01st June 2022 | Experiences, Stories

Outdoors Month at Sagecliffe Resort

Photo credit: @interrealm_bb

Great Outdoors Week started back in 1998 as a way to encourage more people to get out and enjoy nature.

But since there’s so much to love about the outdoors, it didn’t take too long for that week to turn into a month-long celebration. Now, every June is Great Outdoors Month, and the perfect time to explore what the natural world has to offer.

So, whether you like hiking, climbing, biking, or sports, make the most of this month by joining us at Sagecliffe Resort, where we’ve recently acquired 154 acres of land, right beside the stunning Columbia River. Not just that, but we’ve also just been listed in Field Mag’s 17 Best Cabin Rentals in Washington State!

Photo credit: @interrealm_bb

What to do at Sagecliffe Resort

The world is your oyster when it comes to picking things to do in Quincy. Sagecliffe Resort is uniquely positioned in an abundance of hiking and cycling trails and we’re treated to over 300 days of glorious sunshine per year – so you know you’ll have the best chance for good weather here.

Straight from your room, you have access to the Columbia River, Ancient Lakes and even the Frenchman Coulee National Park.

Mountain Biking near Seattle
Mountain Biking at Ancient Lakes
French Coulee National Park
Frenchman Coulee National Park

If you’d rather try your hand at golf or fishing, there are also plenty of options nearby for those as well; to find out more, be sure to visit our Activities Page.

What are you waiting for?

June is here, so now is the best time to book your stay and plan how you’re going to enjoy Great Outdoors Month. Contact our team to make a reservation via our Contact Page or by calling us on (509) 787-8000.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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