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Not all policies may be written here.


All days from February to May and October to December have a seven (7) day cancellation. If you choose to cancel your reservation and cancel before seven (7) days prior to arrival, you are eligible for a full refund of your deposit.

This policy can be overwritten by additional applicable policies. For example, if a concert is scheduled some time in May, there is a two (2) night minimum, and the deposit is pre-paid and non-refundable.


All weekends from June to September are pre-paid and non-refundable. Your whole reservation deposit is due upon reservation.

All concert events are pre-paid and non-refundable. Your whole reservation deposit is due upon reservation.


We are pleased to welcome gentle, well-socialized pets to Sagecliffe, but need to be informed of all animal companions at time of reservation & check-in.

To ensure comfort and safety of our human and pet guests, we ask for agreement of the following:

• At check-in, there is a $50 per night, per pet fee in pet-friendly rooms only.
• Pets are not permitted in beds. If additional room or bedding cleaning is required due to excessive fur/hair (or any other reason), an additional fee up to $200 may be charged.
• Pets must be kept on a leash when in any public or common space and owners must pick-up after them (disposal bags are available at the front desk).
• Pets may not be brought into our restaurants (except outdoor seating), the spa or pool facilities.
• Pets must be crated if left unattended in rooms.
• Damages for uncrated pets are the responsibility of owners and will be charged accordingly.
• Sagecliffe is not responsible for any desert creature impacts to pets. If a pet is discovered in a non-pet friendly room, a minimum $250 fee will assessed.  


All smoking is prohibited inside all rooms and public or common areas. Smoking is allowed outside of these specified areas. All laws apply to smoking near buildings. If there is evidence of smoking inside the rooms, there may be an additional fee up to $200.


All guest rooms that require additional staff and cleaning may be subject to a cleaning fee or surcharge of up to $200.


All guests and guest visitors are responsible to pay any damage and incidental fees upon check out. Damages to hotel property include but are not limited to vehicles, buildings, equipment, bed sheets, tableware, glassware, etc.


All drone flying on or above Sagecliffe Resort’s property is prohibited without prior approval, registration and a full understanding of Sagecliffe Resort’s policies & procedures.


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PIZZA POLICY – Tendrils Restaurant

The purpose of this document is to align on when pizza can be eaten in Tendrils restaurant.

This arose as there have been examples of guests wanting to eat pizza with their kids in the restaurant during lunch and were denied. As they were the only ones in the restaurant, the guest was very upset and ate the pizza in the lobby instead.

Room Guests

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