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Putting the ‘Sustainability into Sagecliffe’

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Proudly An Environmentally Conscious Spa Resort

Sagecliffe Resort was founded on the idea to unite humans and nature and proactively taking care of our planet for future generations is part of our ethos.

So we believe it’s incredibly important to make sustainable and environmentally conscious decisions about what we offer and our facilities.

We are passionate about helping guests and visitors to be able to make a positive environmental impact while enjoying a stay, and other activities, at Sagecliffe. It is often the small details that can make the biggest impact!

One Tree Planted

We have teamed up with One Tree Planted – a non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation – to plant a tree for every new music membership with The Club.


In partnership with Sphere Solar Energy (SSE), Sagecliffe Resort & Spa has installed 24 Mission Solar 385-Watt solar panels to strengthen energy resilience, elevate overall sustainability, and improve the environmental performance of our buildings. The total current solar capacity is 9.2 kW Energy Production with an estimated 12,854 kWh/Year.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

We’ve currently have five Tesla electric chargers, and one regular one, at Sagecliffe where you can simply plug in, charge and go! Charging is free for guests.

These chargers can provide you with 240 or more miles in a typical overnight stay, which is usually all you need. You can re-charge your car while you sleep, enabling you to take off and explore the next day or restart your journey.

We only use electric vehicles at the Resort including for house-keeping.

Sagecliffe Eco Resort & Spa

JUST Water

We are very proud to have teamed up with JUST Water to reduce plastic wastage at Sagecliffe Resort. With cartons available in the lobby and every room at Sagecliffe Resort, JUST Water is a better, more sustainable way to enjoy bottled water. 88% of every JUST carton is plant-based, with the paper coming from trees and the cap originating from sugarcane, meaning a significant decrease in carbon emissions compared to a standard plastic bottle.

JUSTWater to reduce spa's plastic waste

Considered Construction and Thoughtful Design

Internationally renowned Architects Olson Kundig designed the Cave B Inn, Lodge and 15 guesthouses at Sagecliffe Resort. The design team worked closely with the client to create a language of architectural forms and materials that drew from the natural landscape of Central Washington.

The design seeks to engage history through a respectful use of natural materials, forms sympathetic to the natural setting and environmentally conscious design. Building placement and site planning were informed by topographical and geological conditions, particularly the basalt cliffs, rocky outcroppings and talus. Stone for the buildings was harvested on site and cast into concrete forms.

Environmentally conscious building design

Housekeeping products

Goodbye, caustic chemicals! Through the Wellness Company, we use EcoSense products for all our cleaning needs which are ecologically and economically sensible. They use less plastic, less water, less fuel, and less waste. With biodegradable, environmentally responsible ingredients. No chlorine bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, phthalates, toxic chemicals, child proof cap. 100% biodegradable ingredients.

Environmental business in central Washington

Spa products

We use the finest skin product lines that science and nature have to offer and companies who have a strong environmental and sustainability commitment – Éminence, SkinCeuticals and COOLA.

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