Published 01st March 2023 | Performing Artist Q&A

Q&A: Geoffrey Castle

Geoffrey Castle started as a street musician in the subways of New York City. This humble gig then evolved into an opportunity to perform on Broadway, start a band and release multiple albums. Now, he’s heading over to Sagecliffe Resort to perform in 2023.

How did you first get started with music?

I started as a street musician in the streets and subways of New York City. It was an amazing experience, and it led to me being an on stage performer in the Broadway Production of M. Butterfly. When I moved to Seattle in 1994, I founded a band called The Guarneri Underground (named after the famous violin maker Giuseppe Guarneri) and released three albums that all received critical acclaim. I have always loved putting my violin into musical contexts where no one expects a violin to go: Blues, Funk, Rock, Soul and R&B. I was classically trained as a kid, but quit taking lessons in High School, and decided to take “the road less traveled by”, and it has made all the difference.

What’s one word to describe yourself?

Passionate: Music, to me, is language without words and I love communicating, especially with new audiences, and most especially new audiences who don’t think they’ll have fun at a solo violin concert! I’m always searching for that transcendent moment, when the hair stands up on the back of your neck and you go “wow”, but have no words to explain what just happened. It’s magic.

What’s your proudest moment?

I’ve had a pretty crazy career, with a lot of amazing highlights, but one story tops them all. I was working on a musical project with a champion Chinese Jinghu player – basically a Chinese violin – and we were invited to perform at this concert honoring the Chinese Opera. I didn’t know it, but I was the first, and perhaps the only American to ever play music in this concert venue deep inside the Chinese government compound and the media over there made a big fuss over me. I was definitely the only guy in the room with blue eyes and a cowboy hat! Amazing experience!

Outside of music, what can you be found doing?

My wife is an amazing glass artist, and I’ve always loved working with my hands, so when I’m not making music I’m helping make her art a reality! Right now, I’m building her an artist compound and art factory out in the desert outside of Santa Fe New Mexico. If you want to check out what she does, please visit her web site:

It’s totally not fair that someone that beautiful could also be that talented, but I’m not complaining!

What do you think will be your favorite thing about performing at Sagecliffe?

This will be my first time performing at Sagecliffe Resort, so I suppose, in advance, my favorite thing will be bringing my unique performance to a new audience in a beautiful place that I’ve never been before!

Do you have a big dream or aspiration for 2023?

I’m basically living the dream already! And it would be dreamy to have a sold out show at Sagecliffe!

What are you working on at the moment?

I have this idea for an album that will take my already dizzying career in a new direction. It’s sort of a post-modern cowboy instrumental americana thing that reflects the music that plays in my head as I drive through these amazing Western landscapes from Seattle to Santa Fe. I love to play music influenced by the music of Ireland too, and I might be working on a follow up to my 2017 release “Celtic Night”. Then there’s the children’s album I’m composing of the songs I sing to my dogs. I have THREE airedale puppies. I sing to my dogs. Is that wrong? LOL

Where can we find you?

YouTube: Geoffrey Castle 
Instagram: @castleviolin
Twitter: @violincastle
Pandora Channel: Geoffrey Castle
Spotify: Geoffrey Castle

If you’d like to come and see Geoffrey perform live, you’re in luck because he is visiting soon, find out more here >

We can’t wait to see you there!

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