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Guests Only – 215 Productions Pool Party

Join us for a weekend of pool parties featuring live music and DJs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-5pm each day.

The information below features this weekend’s events. Bios and artist names are listed:

Artist : Nofux Gibbons

For a DJ too diverse to be pigeonholed into any single genre, Nofux has emerged as a prominent voice in Seattle’s underground bass scene. Then again, his performances speak for themselves. Since he approaches bass music with the integrity of a crate digger, he’s earned respect from old heads and new fans alike.

A typical Nofux DJ set bounces frenetically between cuts of Garage, Grime, Jungle and classic UK Dubstep. By tastefully incorporating effects during transitions he manages to blend these styles together seamlessly, and many of the scene’s notable personalities have come to recognize his prowess behind the decks as a result.

Artist: ENDR

Elliot Settle, otherwise known as Seattle native ENDR, has been obsessed with music from a very young age. 

After playing multiple instruments in bands during his middle school and high school years, Elliot created ENDR in 2013 after a long love of electronic music became his true passion. 

Playing some of the Northwest’s biggest festivals including Bumbershoot, Paradiso, Freaknight and many others, ENDR has become a regular name in the NW bass music scene. 

You can catch him this year at festivals like Bass Canyon and Boo! Halloween, and at other clubs throughout Seattle!

Artist:  Rageulator

Rageulator aka Jordan Michael is the founder of 215 productions. With over 23 years of edm background, There are no limitations to what you might hear during a set. With Rageulator being the harder hitting bass side and Jordan Michael a fine tuned house version , you can almost always expect a collaboration between this two headed dragon of a DJ when he steps up to the tables.  Get ready for an emotional roller coaster, with twists and turns at every drop. 

Artist: The Wyzrd

The Wyzrd has been producing music and DJing for a little over a decade. Influenced by catchy rhythms and beats you can expect a performance of any style. Always pushing the newest sound and capturing the dance floor vibes. 

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